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feedback post

how's my alfred?
not egotistical enough? a bit too obsessed with being a hero?
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It rained today. Fitting.

Why are there no hamburgers in the cafeteria?! I thought we talked about this!

Oh, right, I guess I should introduce myself for the new kids. I'm Alfred F. Jones, star quarterback and football captain. And Winry, could you not hit me over the head with a wrench next time? I was asleep.

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Oh yeah, I'm pretty awesome.

Monday was the 40th anniversary of the moon landing - the culmination of the space race in which I kicked Russia's ass and before that there was the G8 meeting and a lot of traveling. But it's good to be back again.

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Thanks everyone who managed to make it to my party, and thanks for all the gifts! 233 is turning out to be a great age to be!

Today went... better than I thought! We actually got something done and everything!

Though he still creeps me out.

[open log] ✪ America's Birthday Party

Who: EVERYONE AND ANYONE. C'mon it's the Fourth of July
When: July 4th, from noon until.... uh whenever. But it's starting now because everyone'll be busy.
Where: America's house. I have also included pictures to help use as ~reference points~
How: COMMENT LOGGING. Do it however you please.

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So it's my 233rd birthday in five days!

There'll be a party at my house with fireworks, barbecue, and everything! Everyone's invited - you too, Arthur - and I promise there'll be plenty of things to do!

It'll be awesome so be sure to come!

Happy Early Birthday, Matt! I'll be sure to stop by on the actual day.

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Hey guys! Don't worry, I'm still here! I just was really busy the past few weeks. Traveling around the Middle East and Europe and then finally getting something resolved about that Korean bastard. So I've decided to do that little fanmix thing that everyone else is doing. They're all awesome songs you should totally listen to all of them!

1. The Star Spangled Banner
My national anthem, and the best one in the world. You don't get much more hopeful and awesome than this.

2. But, Mister Adams
I swear to God it went down exactly like that. Maybe with less singing but only someone as awesome as I am can have a musical about its founding.

3. George Washington
Only a hero like me can have such an amazing boss as him as their very first boss ever.

4. God Bless America
One of my unofficial anthems. That's right, I've got more than one because just one song isn't enough to explain just how heroic and awesome I am.

5. America the Beautiful
Another one of my unofficial anthems. It's pretty awesome.

6. Because I'm Awesome
Well I am.

7. Proud to be an American
And I'm that, too!

8. Born in the USA
It wasn't called the United States when I was born, but the idea's the same.

9. I Can Be Your Hero
Because I can.

10. I Can Do Whatever I Like
My new boss can do whatever he likes within certain constitutional restraints!

11. America, Fuck Yeah
America! Fuck yeah!

flag ✪ 017

Once I finally get free time, I am going to see this to see if it lives up to the real thing. And if it hasn't been made yet then I'll just have to make it to be sure that it exists. It's bound to be awesome, just like all of my other movies!

Estelle, Lloyd, wanna come?

List of things I'm not allowed to do in long meetings:
1. plan to blow up North Korea
2. throw paper airplanes at Japan and Germany
3. insult Arthur's cooking
4. try and bring a portable grill into the room
5. order in McDonald's
6. play the theme from Star Wars at pivotal moments
7. hum "MMMBop" when Arthur is speaking

flag ✪ 016

I was supposed to be out grilling burgers after all the memorials, not stuck in a meeting that's going to go on for who knows how long.

Russia, Japan, Austria - I don't care how you do it but get your asses over here.

Viet Nam, Turkey, and everyone else who knows who they are - the same applies to you.

Someone bring burgers, I'm starving.


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